Saturday, March 17, 2018

Stephen Hawkin Passing

After hearing about Stephen Hawkin's passing, I looked up his astrology birth chart to view any relationship to ALS and the consensus seems to be Mars quincunx Neptune, which he had. (Note; a quincunx is an aspect of 150°, also known as an inconjunct).

Further research tends to indicate that it's not just Mars quincunx another planet that might suggest a medical challenge, but several other factors. These tend to include the ascendant and Saturn either conjunct or in stress aspect.

There is no stated time of birth for Stephen Hawkin, but placing Saturn close to the ascendant, his early years would have been challenging and there is no indication of this. However, if Saturn was in 12th house (late) that would place Uranus (scientific), Lilith (perception) and Jupiter (optimism) all in the first house. Jupiter in the first is extremely optimistic--hence his drive to go on even with ALS. The time of birth for this would be around 1:36 PM on January 8th, 1942.

Stephen Hawkin also had Mars square Mercury which is a significant effect as Mercury is the planet of connections, (the bodily relationship between nervous and neurological activities). There was also a significant number of trines, and grand trines, depending on the number of bodies that are used. He also had the Sun quincunx Chiron, and Venus quincunx North Node, although somewhat wide at 4 degrees. Venus is also square Saturn! (Multiple marriages to younger women?)

On a personal level, I have Mars inconjunct Uranus which may account for my secondary adrenal insufficiency. However, my unidentical twin brother born an hour later at 11:33 pm does not appear to have this problem. His Saturn/Pluto is in the 12th, while mine is in the first close to the Ascendant so Saturn is obviously another factor contributing to this condition.

John F. Kennedy had Mars square Uranus and Saturn (wide) square to the ascendant. He also had Primary Adrenal Insufficiency in the form of Addisons Disease. In addition, Mars and Mercury are both quincunx the ascendant.

In my case the adrenal issues may have been caused by an operation to repair a hiatus hernia (from birth) in which they opened up my front, damaging the Vagus Nerve which mediates numerous pathways including the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (stimulated by vagal afferent fibres) leading to the release of cortisol by the adrenal glands. In addition, I was also overdosed with cortisone acetate when I was first diagnosed with this in my forties. I also have a Sun/Jupiter conjunction square to the ascendant/Saturn.

Mars seems to have a significant influence on various areas of the body such as muscles and the adrenal system. This together with Saturn and the ascendant also contributes a crucial role for specific ailments. Perhaps the inconjunct can reveal a more esoteric or rare medical condition, while squares and oppositions, more common conditions. However, as is often the case with special conditions, several factors have to come together to form a unique state.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Coyotes, Cats and Rats

There is a notion held by many municipal animal control services that eradication of the urban coyote is not effective because such control measures provide a natural vacuum in nature that can cause these animals to have even larger litters and ultimately increases the coyote population. In my opinion this is a crock. It's a meme perpetrated by certain nature propagandists who are not looking at the big picture. Because there are no natural predators for the [urban] coyote, they will expand according to their food source. Constant action in the eradication/displacement of any one of these pests can mean that fewer pets and young children will be killed or injured. Because there is already a vacuum in nature doesn't mean we shouldn't interfere. If we let coyotes run amok they kill too many cats, resulting in a plague of rats, squirrels and rabbits running around. Cats are natural hunters of vermin. Many rescue cats don't often make good indoor pets, and most indoor cats can become schizophrenic if they are denied their natural instincts. Nature propagandists should focus more on human birth control if they are that concerned about our invasion of nature's habitat, or at the very least, initiate programs teaching coyotes taste and place aversion therapy.

One area I do agree with is that using poisons to kill rats is not a good idea. Poisoned rats harm the entire ecosystem, often killing birds of prey, domestic animals, and other wildlife.

Coyotes are predators of rats, if they can catch them! Over sized bushes and excessive foliage make a great place for rodents to hide and live. Keeping bushes and ground cover well-maintained and pruned back will help keep unwanted visitors from residing in a yard. My neighborhood has a proliferation of creeping fig vines covering property walls and fences, which can be a haven for rodents if they are too thick and dense. In addition, these vines often damage block walls, which have hollow cavities. Coyotes can't catch rats if they are safe deep inside a bush or atop of a palm tree. Cats on the other hand have superior skills for catching rodents, no matter where they hide.

Improperly stored pet food, garbage, or anything else that might smell like a great meal to a rodent will cause problems. Eliminating strong smells by placing the source in quality containers within inaccessible areas is recommended. Wrapping fruit trees with plastic netting can prevent rodents from climbing up and getting a free meal.

Rats are excellent climbers and can scale a wall very easily. They will search for entryways into attics and other places up near roofs. It is easier for them if they have tree limbs that provide direct access. Gaps and cracks around the home provide opportunities for rodents to become squatters. One should close and reduce all entry points for rodents and focus attention around heating and air conditioner vents, dryer vents, windows, plumbing, and doors.

The more clutter you have around in the yard and garage, the more likely it is that a longer time will pass before you find signs of infestation. Ultimately, judicial pruning of landscape, living in a clutter-free home and being an attentive to infestation will be the best approach to keeping unwanted critters away.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top 100 Songs of the 50's and 60's

This is my personal choice, in no particular order, and does vary a bit:

Aphrodites ChildRain and Tears1967
Marv JohnsonI'll Pick A Rose For My Rose1968
R. B. GreavesTake A Letter Maria1969
Manfred MannPretty Flamingo1966
The Bee GeesWords1969
Crispian St PetersThe Pied Piper1966
Brian HylandGinny Come Lately1962
Ricky NelsonTravelin' Man1961
Elvis PresleyG.I. Blues1960
The ShadowsQuartermaster Stores1960
The CrystalsDa Doo Ron Ron1963
Ray PetersonCorinna, Corinna1960
Johnny BurnetteDreamin1960
Johnny TillotsonPoetry In Motion1960
Simon & GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water1968
Fats DominoWalking To New Orleans1958
The Dave Clark FiveRed Balloon1969
ThemHere Comes the Night1965
CascadesRhythm of the Falling Rain1960
The Rolling StonesShe's A Rainbow1967
The CrystalsAll Grown Up1964
Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling in Love1959
Lord Rockingham's XIHoots Mon1958
Elvis PresleyDid You Ever Have One Of Those Days1960
The Everly BrothersAll I Have to Do Is Dream1964
Lou ChristieI'm Gonna Make You Mine1969
The Everly BrothersLove Hurts1960
BreadEverything I Own1968
Unit Four Plus TwoConcrete And Clay1965
Johnny TillotsonIt Keeps Right On A Hurtin1956
Nancy Sinatra and Lee HazlewoodSummer Wine1967
The CrystalsThen He Kissed Me1963
The BrownsScarlet Ribbons1960
The Rolling StonesAs Tears Go By1968
The RonettesBaby I Love You1964
Elvis PresleyWooden Heart1960
The SpringfieldsIsland of Dreams1963
Johnny and the HurricanesRed River Rock1959
Eddie CochranC'mon Everybody1962
The Everly BrothersCrying in the Rain1964
Ritchie ValensCome On, Let's Go1958
The Box TopsCry Like A Baby1966
ELORoll Over Beethoven1968
Keith WestExcerpt From a Teenage Opera1967
Lee MarvinWandering Star1969
Elvis PresleyHis Latest Flame1959
The WhoI Can See For Miles1967
The DriftersSaturday Night at the Movies1964
The Love AffairEverlasting Love1967
Ricky NelsonIt's Late1969
Eddie CochranSummertime Blues1960
Elvis PresleyIt's Now or Never1959
The Bee GeesI've Gotta Get a Message to You1968
Marianne FaithfullCome and Stay With Me1968
Paul AnkaLonely Boy1959
The Bee GeesMassachusetts1968
Ricky NelsonPoor Little Fool1958
Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain HighRiver Deep Mountain High1966
DionRunaround Sue1960
Del ShannonRunaway1961
The WhoSubstitute1966
Elvis PresleyThe Girl Of My Best Friend1960
Tommy RoeSweet Little Sheila1962
Ricky NelsonHello Mary Lou1961
Frankie Valli & The Four SeasonsTell It To The Rain1964
The SeekersThe Carnival Is Over1965
The HolliesThe Air that I Breathe1969
Del ShannonThe Swiss Maid1962
Presidents of the United States of AmericaVideo Killed the Radio Star1968
Simon & GarfunkelThe Boxer1968
The EqualsBaby Come Back1968
Billy FuryHalfway to Paradise1961
The Bee GeesTo Love Somebody1967
Bobby DarinQueen Of The Hop1958
Paul AnkaDiana1957
Johnny Kidd and the PiratesShakin' All Over1960
Gordon LightfootEarly Morning Rain1960
Del ShannonKeep Searchin'1964
Jackie DeShannonPut A Little Love In Your Heart1969
Gary Puckett And The Union GapLady Willpower1968
Bobby VintonMr Lonely1962
Billy FuryColette1960
Buddy HollyPeggy Sue Got Married1957
Frankie Valli & The Four SeasonsSilence Is Golden1966
Eddie CochranSomethin' Else1963
Eden KaneBoys Cry1964
Elvis PresleyI Gotta Know1960
Gene VincentPistol Packin' Mama1960
John LeytonJohnny Remember Me1961
Richie ValensOh Donna1959
Marty WildeBad Boy1959
Ricky NelsonNever Be Anyone Else But You1960
The Righteous BrothersUnchained Melody1960
R Dean TaylorIndiana Wants Me1962
Bobby DarinDream Lover1960
Sandy PoseyI Take It Back1967
Freddie and the DreamersI Understand1965
Gene PitneyCara Mia1967
Gene PitneyTwenty-Four Hours from Tulsa1969

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Can We Vote for REAL Change?

Someone directed me to a site put up by Naomi Klein. My initial reaction was that she seems to have a limited focus for much of her rather pessimistic views. For example, rather than simply blame Wall Street for the present financial woes (which is what liberals like to do, focus on a single individual or entity and demonize them), one should understand the greater picture of the financial crisis.
I would like to mention that I'm really open to any view, be it left, right or center, providing that the facts, logic, and intuitive awareness is reasonably in place. My opinions here, about the present financial crisis, reflect only a small proportion of the overall problem.
About every 10 years we enter a down cycle economically, and you can see this happen around the turn of every decade. The present downturn however, is much more extreme, and the rather long lasting Saturn/Uranus opposition will create a very erratic economic situation over the next few years. One moment we experience some stability and the next all hell breaks loose. Thus, the Saturn/Uranus opposition is simply attempting to give us a wild ride correction, but our actions will dictate the long-term effect.
There are a number of factors coming together in recent years aside from the financial problems. Things like the oil crisis, an over burdened activity with wars in the middle east, the shift of manufacturing overseas without a productive investment in our workforce, and a crisis in education where a lot of young people are more interested in I-Pods and sneakers than learning anything.
The present financial crisis is not just the result of one party as the Democrats or Republicans have controlled the White House and Congress. The credit mess has been brewing for over 15 years, with Banks and Financial institutions being too liberal with giving credit. Real Estate agents have been too keen to make a sale to naive homebuyers--some of whom bought property way above their means. Home prices have continually risen even during the last recession around 2000 creating an extreme bubble.

The Democrats in Washington coerced lending institutions to give loans to low income people, and the two main democrats responsible for finance committees in Washington, Chris Dodd and Barney Franks (both Democrats), were apparently given millions of dollars by banks and Finance institutions during their elections. Government is far more corrupt than most corporations, and I for one won't vote for a Democrat or Republican in the next election (most likely is Libertarian).
Just watching a snippet of the congressional hearings where the Fed Chairman and Treasury Secretary were being grilled by congress, it was blatantly obvious that house members knew nothing about finance and could not even understand what they were being told.
It seems that the government does not have a choice but to bail out these financial institutions. Yet the way it has been done by Congress is absolutely disgusting and unless there is some serious asset control in the manner in which this bailout is used, I fear for the stability of the economy. I won't go into the hundreds of pages of pork in this bailout bill that morally should not have been included (only about $130 billion in so-called sweeteners).
To make a point, we should go after the CEO's, Finance executives, politicians, realtors and traders who are responsible for this mess and prosecute them. Trouble is, there might not be anyone left to run these institutions!
In spite of all these unfortunate events, we have to remain optimistic to work our way out of the present crisis.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Illusions of Neptune

Being married to a Pisces, and observing a number of friends (that term may just qualify for being plural!), I’ve seen how the effects of this strange planet can influence people in obscure ways.
At its highest level, Neptune can provide an awareness of one's spiritual and social ideals. It can also invoke imagination, spirituality, compassion, subtlety, clairvoyance, empathy and devotion. The problematic side of this body can reveal dreaminess, deception, shyness, diffusion, and escaping reality by living in other worlds.
As Neptune rules Pisces, there is often a strong association with a person being passive, evading responsibility or conflict. However, if Mars or Pluto has a strong presence in a person’s chart, such passivity can be overruled. However, if Mars is in Pisces or aspects Neptune, Neptune tends to diffuse the aggressive energies of Mars. Under stress, Mars/Neptune individuals can become victims to a controlling person. There may also be unusual sexual preferences.
One of the saddest effects of Neptune can be in the area of romance. It can create romantic ideals, and illusions of love that bring couples together only to find out much later that the relationship is a disaster.
So, wherever Neptune is in your chart, it is important that we develop the spiritual side of ourselves, and dissolve the vein of illusion that this body can create in order to see reality as it truly is.
This weeks video is Farley’s appearance on The Late Show

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lonely Boy

During my early teens I remember a song that was one of my favorites. It was called Lonely Boy by Paul Anka. I guess because I had a karmic lesson of learning self love and self esteem, I suffered a lot of rejection as a child. At the time this particular song had a big impact on me because I did feel so lonely and always had an intense desire to give and receive love.
What took me a long time to learn this lesson was that I did not get into Astrology and Metaphysics until my mid-thirties. Now, the song Lonely Boy, has a new meaning with regard to the line:
"But all I want is someone to love"
That someone is primarily myself (spiritually), and that enabled me to love others. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I have Saturn rising square my Sun, a heavy karmic aspect requiring that I learn the lesson of self-love. There are quite a few planetary placements that can indicate low self-esteem or self-love, such as afflicted planets in the first house, or an afflicted Sun. Also, planetary combinations that indicate emotional wounding, unfulfilled desires, and a tendency towards anxiety can also reveal a low self-esteem.
Perfect faith in oneself allows an individual to rise above any trouble.
I don’t think we easily perfect our lessons, and if I do get anxious I try to rise above it by facing the Sun (an emblem of the Collective Spirit) and say:
"I am a part of the Collective Spirit. I am indestructible. I am eternal. I am infinite. That which is finite and part of the world of matter cannot touch me."

Friday, February 22, 2008


One of the most influential things I’ve read was a series of Silver Birch books. Silver Birch is an evolved spiritual being who returned to the world of matter in the guise of an American Indian Spirit. He channeled through an English trance medium (Maurice Barbenell), in England, for over 60 years.

There are some eight books that have been written by various authors that describe his teachings and philosophies from the world of Spirit. His message provides significant enlightenment for the individual who is ready to learn more about Spiritualism and the world beyond the third dimension. Of knowledge Silver Birch once said:

"Once we have knowledge, it is our responsibility to spread this to those willing to be receptive. Faith is then allowed to be built on such knowledge enabling us to give a rich service to a world of darkness. The resulting faith illuminates our pathway, enabling an understanding of our rightful place with the eternal, divine scheme of life."

I’ve often thought that the world would be a much better place when more people can realize that knowledge is responsibility and not power. It is unfortunate that we see so much abuse of this in relation to power. It is one reason why I try to share my knowledge with others.

When an individual appears to lack knowledge or education they are referred to as ignorant. The ignorance that exists impedes growth, induces fear, and creates conflict. Overcoming ignorance is the greatest battle for all mankind.

Ignorance, sorrow and poverty are the three great problems in this third dimension. These will endure until a greater knowledge and awareness is joined with politics and the children of this planet think and live by the new knowledge.

We inculcate our children with limited teaching, ignoring proper social development, personal awareness, and an understanding of relationships. While so called leaders play politics with education, the resultant ignorance and neglect simply impedes a child’s growth.

When children are taught with a greater knowledge that enables love, creativity, understanding and compassion, this world will take a major step forward in its evolution.