Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Illusions of Neptune

Being married to a Pisces, and observing a number of friends (that term may just qualify for being plural!), I’ve seen how the effects of this strange planet can influence people in obscure ways.
At its highest level, Neptune can provide an awareness of one's spiritual and social ideals. It can also invoke imagination, spirituality, compassion, subtlety, clairvoyance, empathy and devotion. The problematic side of this body can reveal dreaminess, deception, shyness, diffusion, and escaping reality by living in other worlds.
As Neptune rules Pisces, there is often a strong association with a person being passive, evading responsibility or conflict. However, if Mars or Pluto has a strong presence in a person’s chart, such passivity can be overruled. However, if Mars is in Pisces or aspects Neptune, Neptune tends to diffuse the aggressive energies of Mars. Under stress, Mars/Neptune individuals can become victims to a controlling person. There may also be unusual sexual preferences.
One of the saddest effects of Neptune can be in the area of romance. It can create romantic ideals, and illusions of love that bring couples together only to find out much later that the relationship is a disaster.
So, wherever Neptune is in your chart, it is important that we develop the spiritual side of ourselves, and dissolve the vein of illusion that this body can create in order to see reality as it truly is.
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