Monday, September 24, 2007


Astrological Saturn is the second strongest planet in my natal chart.
In general, Saturn represents experience, tradition, examination of the new, the course of time, and everything that needs time, as well as patience. It is often called the planet of fate. Saturn concentrates everything, even until the bitter end, no matter what is finally left. Its energies symbolize the serious task and moving forward even under trouble and strife.
The most common force Saturn is known for is perhaps restriction. However, this often occurs due the natural law of cause and effect--which Saturn likes to manage. If it signifies obstacles and restriction, it is usually due to an individual having an incorrect personal goal or it is due to a karmic reaction which has been imposed. Saturn is the Lord of Karma (Karma can be positive or negative as a result of promoting or interfering with someone else's free will. It is also a debt to oneself, derived from actions that are aligned to cause and effect). Accordingly, Saturn's placement in your chart can indicate the areas in life that you need to work on.
As I have Saturn rising, meaning that it is close to the Ascendant and in the first house, together with a square to my Sun, I’ve experienced a lot of challenges in my life. However, the effect is somewhat softened by having the planet Jupiter conjunct (next to) the Sun. Still, one very obvious effect is the experience of significant rejection—I was even left alone for an hour at birth while my twin brother decided it was time.
The lesson that I’ve had to learn is that of self-love and self-esteem. For once I had gained a sufficient level of this, I no longer felt rejected. Perhaps one never perfects the lesson(s), but I feel I’ve come a long way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The "Aphrodite" Syndrome

I wrote this brief article a number of years ago but never did anything with it, apart from sharing it with a few close friends.
Traditionally, Aphrodite refers to the mythical Goddess of Love and Beauty. In today's world, it is often referred to a personality type who possess an illusion of love and vanity. A few of these people can actually communicate (telepathically) one's thoughts to another—often stirring a sexual response in their admired individual. The person they commune with is either a highly intellectual person, or they possess some desired quality.
In reality, what drives such women so afflicted is not love or sex, but an element that has been denied to them in early life. The Aphrodite has generally learned that the only way to get attention is to flaunt certain feelings mentally, and sometimes physically, often not realizing the full impact of their telepathic thoughts, or actions. Tragically, they are misunderstood and often generate in others the Pygmalion illusion of a personal ideal.
The Aphrodite complex also manifests great secretiveness, or denial of their approach to relationships, making assistance difficult without careful understanding.
The reason I'm writing about this subject is that in my past I seem to have formed a connection with women who exhibit the Aphrodite persona. My fairly deep analytical nature and strong desire to understand certain dynamics of relationships together with an empathic sense perhaps prevented me from falling into the Pygmalion effect. The effects of this polarity are quite profound, in terms of telepathic communication, as well as internal and physical responses. I am enough of an empath to know when someone is sending me a message, particularly when certain Scorpio desires are manifested!
I subsequently decided to examine closely what common astrological characteristics were evident in such women to produce this scenario. Here then are some common threads I found with the Aphrodite archetype:
  • A Sun/Jupiter aspect that involves a unique expression of the material and spiritual(so far this has been a semi-square (45°) or sesquidquadrate (135°)aspect.
  • Moon sextile (60°) Mercury that provides the opportunity to communicate feelings and thoughts to another and to sense the deeper moods (interest) of others.
  • Moon in Scorpio: creating a difficulty with any kind of intimacy, especially if it requires making a commitment. Much of this rooted in the past--childhood, heredity or family. Moon in Scorpio often reflects the frightened child or insecure person.
  • A strong Libra/Venus/Neptune/Lilith configuration or placement that creates the Aphrodite desires and/or romantic ideals, illusions of love, and love of those much better or much worse off than themselves.
All of these women appear to have undergone some form of a physical molestation as a child (not necessarily sexual, but abuse). The idealism that is inherent in this archetype also makes for communication of awareness very difficult.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pluto in the First

If the Pluto is within eight degrees of the Ascendant (as mine is), the characteristics of this planet will be significantly increased. In addition, any other planetary aspect will play an important influence (I have a grand trine to the MidHeaven and the Moon). A planet in the first house, close to the Ascendant, is referred to as a rising planet. If you have Pluto rising, your gaze and view of the world will be sharp and piercing. Pluto in this house of identity suggests that you may be rather obsessive with respect to your impact upon the world. There is a tendency to take things rather seriously and seek out your appropriate mission in life. It is during this search that the intense and dynamic energies of this planet reveal themselves in significant ways. Such ways may be a significant rejection of arbitrary authority or an acute yet deep understanding of life, one which is analytical, reserved, and sometimes critical.
While there are many more characteristic’s of this placement, I’m drawn to the significant rejection of arbitrary authority trait. This is because not only do I have this, but I remember that one of my favorite comedians has this also. John Cleese’s birthdate is October 27, 1939. His time of birth is generally listed as unknown, although some sites give a time. I’m inclined to think that he has Pluto rising as he has often stated his dislike of arbitrary authority. He has even devoted a lot of time making management training films because of this trait.
There are many video clips of John Cleese on YouTube.