Friday, February 22, 2008


One of the most influential things I’ve read was a series of Silver Birch books. Silver Birch is an evolved spiritual being who returned to the world of matter in the guise of an American Indian Spirit. He channeled through an English trance medium (Maurice Barbenell), in England, for over 60 years.

There are some eight books that have been written by various authors that describe his teachings and philosophies from the world of Spirit. His message provides significant enlightenment for the individual who is ready to learn more about Spiritualism and the world beyond the third dimension. Of knowledge Silver Birch once said:

"Once we have knowledge, it is our responsibility to spread this to those willing to be receptive. Faith is then allowed to be built on such knowledge enabling us to give a rich service to a world of darkness. The resulting faith illuminates our pathway, enabling an understanding of our rightful place with the eternal, divine scheme of life."

I’ve often thought that the world would be a much better place when more people can realize that knowledge is responsibility and not power. It is unfortunate that we see so much abuse of this in relation to power. It is one reason why I try to share my knowledge with others.

When an individual appears to lack knowledge or education they are referred to as ignorant. The ignorance that exists impedes growth, induces fear, and creates conflict. Overcoming ignorance is the greatest battle for all mankind.

Ignorance, sorrow and poverty are the three great problems in this third dimension. These will endure until a greater knowledge and awareness is joined with politics and the children of this planet think and live by the new knowledge.

We inculcate our children with limited teaching, ignoring proper social development, personal awareness, and an understanding of relationships. While so called leaders play politics with education, the resultant ignorance and neglect simply impedes a child’s growth.

When children are taught with a greater knowledge that enables love, creativity, understanding and compassion, this world will take a major step forward in its evolution.