Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hillary Clinton

One cannot seem to avoid the attention the media is giving to the current presidential candidates. I’m personally concerned that money may buy this election and that electors may not scrutinize each candidate because the media, together with peer pressure, is deciding for them. I need to spend some time looking at each candidates chart profile, and politics aside, wouldn’t it be nice to vote for the best person for the job? In analyzing a person’s chart, I try to take a spiritual view of things, because individuals can, and are supposed to, overcome their limitations. To me, President Reagan was an example of someone I perceived as overcoming a lot of personality challenges.
Although I’m basically a Libertarian at heart and somewhat of a centrist politically, I have some real concerns about some of the current front runners. One that stands out is Hillary Clinton because there are so many stress points in her chart that do not seem to have been addressed.
Hillary’s Moon squares Uranus meaning that there could be a conflict in the way she perceives events and may easily become emotionally upset and act without thinking. There is often a tendency toward emotional excesses and sudden unexplainable mood changes—very unpredictable. Mercury (retrograde) squares the Midheaven, Pluto and Saturn and opposes the North Node. It is also in conjunction with Venus at a 5 degree orb. Thought processes are generally slow with a Mercury/Saturn stress and an obsession with unnecessary details. With Pluto in the mix, there can be obsession, cunning and stubborn behavior.
Being close to Mercury, Venus not only squares Pluto and Saturn but also squares Mars. People with Mars square Venus can be an affectionate pussy cat one moment and a saber tooth tiger the next, and this has been mentioned by a number of people who have worked close to her.
With Mars closely conjunct Pluto squaring the Ascendant and Chiron, she is apt to take advantage of other people's weakness. While there are of course some beneficial aspects in Hillary’s chart, they do not amount to much that would consolidate such a personality leading this nation.
With so much controversy already, and with the Mars, Saturn, Pluto combination, there could be some fall from grace at some point. Overall, if Hillary becomes President, it could be a disastrous situation for America.
Although I’ve yet to analyze Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s chart, these individuals at least come across very presidential.